brows baby


About me

Since I was a child I’ve had an obsession with brows, memorizing and mentally sketching the eyebrows of almost everyone I meet. Weird, I know!

The eyebrows frame the face, balancing and complimenting every other facial feature. Most women struggle to define the shape of their own brows, many spend a frustrating amount of time each day trying to create a beautiful and balanced brow.

This is why semi-permanent brows make so much sense! Whereas traditional eyebrow tattoos last forever and often the pigment changes undesirably over time, the microblade technique and pigments are designed to fade over time, allowing you the option of beautiful, fuller, natural looking brows, without the lifelong commitment!

In addition to being a microblading artist, I’ve been an professional makeup artist for 17 years, working in every aspect of the industry from weddings to print, commercials and film. I’ve always seen the face as a canvas and love drawing out the uniqueness and beauty in each face!

I want my clients to feel confident and cared for. I take my time to find the ideal brow shape and balance for each face, creating a lovely, natural brow, and always strive to satisfy each clients needs. Thanks for your interest, I’d love the opportuity to work with you!